The Number That Changed Everything

Levi’s® 501® Jeans changed everything. Created 149 years ago, this legendary fit has gone from utilitarian uniform to true icon status. To celebrate the legacy of epic denim, this season we teamed up with five new visionaries who truly embody the spirit of the 501® Jeans, paying homage to the pair that started it all.


The blue jean. It’s easy to take the style staple for granted, but there’s a storied history to this casual essential and it all starts with one auspicious numeral. Mystery surrounds why “501®” was chosen, but one thing is for certain: it’s the number that changed everything. It all started with the brand’s very first collab: San Francisco wholesaler Levi Strauss and Nevada-based tailor Jacob Davis linked up to revolutionize work pants with the addition of durable rivets to make them even stronger. The denim duo patented this process on May 20, 1873, creating the blueprint for all blue jeans —and the rest is history. We now know this icon as Levi’s® 501® Jeans.

The denim legend’s distinctive five-pocket design, straight fit and button fly has come to signify rule-breaking, gender-bending, wear-it-how-you-want effortless cool. What was once strictly workwear has become the fit favored by everyone from pop stars and politicians to tech rebels and rockers—and it’s the blank canvas for creative expression for style-setters like you. Whether you *just* added them to your cart or wear a thrifted pair that’s lived-in to perfection, the legacy of 501® Jeans continues to represent the past, present and future of iconic style. Did we mention this fit really does get better with time?

From creative innovators and activists to style mavericks and sonic savants, get to know why this season’s visionaries truly capture the rebellious spirit woven into the fabric of 501® Jeans.

Footballer, philanthropist and children’s activist Marcus Rashford might be best known as the formidable forward for Manchester United, but this power player is also committed to making change on a massive scale. As an outspoken advocate fighting against food insecurity in his community and promoting the importance of childhood literacy through the Marcus Rashford Book Club, his accomplishments go far beyond his prowess on the pitch. As an ambassador for food poverty charity FareShare, Marcus helped to raise enough money to provide 21 million meals to children and families in need and had an active role in changing policy to ensure 1.7 million vulnerable children receive crucial access to food.

“When something needs to change and if there’s a small chance that you can do something to help kickstart that change, then you’ll take that chance.”

—Marcus Rashford

Peggy Gou is a global sonic powerhouse. The Berlin-based, Korea-born DJ, producer and songwriter’s infectious sounds have defined a new era of house music that’s inspired by the classics, but with an eye to the future. Although, today, she’s an internationally recognized DJ, Peggy originally got her start in fashion at “Harper’s Bazaar” Korea. After making the decision to devote herself to her true passion, Peggy pivoted full-time to music, filled with excited anticipation. “It’s like giving a box of LEGO® to a kid,” Peggy explains about the transition. “It’s like real excitement and I remember not sleeping at the beginning.” Today, you’ll find Peggy headlining huge festivals and enchanting listeners with slinky dance floor smash singles like “Starry Night.”

Hailey Bieber needs no introduction. The model, entrepreneur and prolific YouTuber has graced numerous magazine covers, fronted many high-profile campaigns and is one-half of the world’s most Googleable power couple. After launching her ultra-successful YouTube channel last spring, Hailey has garnered an even bigger following thanks to her comical segments like “Who’s in My Bathroom?,” featuring A-list guests partaking in a snack-heavy hang sesh in a very unexpected place—Hailey’s spacious, spa-like bathroom. “I was inspired to start my YouTube channel because I felt like people didn’t really know "me,"” and "she" explains. “I felt like it really gave people a look into who I am as a person, instead of the idea of who they think I am in their mind.”

“I get inspiration from everything that I love visually. And then I collect all the things that I like and it becomes my thing with my own taste.”

—Peggy Gou

Actor Barbie Ferreira is fearless. The tenacious talent, who was determined to make her mark from day one, moved to New York City at 18 and never looked back. “I think the moment that everything changed for me was when I moved out of my mom’s house,” she recalls. “I got my first paycheck from modeling—I think it covered one month’s rent—but I was like, ‘All right, let’s do it.’” Barbie, who manifested her success through a relentless hustle and right-place-right-time vibes, made a splash with an Aerie campaign that went viral, but she still aspired to fulfill her dream of becoming an actor. Unsurprisingly, the hard work paid off for Barbie, who landed her dream role, quit modeling and moved to L.A. to pursue acting full-time.

Designer, artist, model and founding member of the legendary A$AP Mob, A$AP Nast can also add tastemaker to his ever-expanding resume. The prolific freestyler, who originally got his start in music as a hobby, has been devoting more time to his sartorial sixth sense than his lyrical chops. After making his runway debut at the late Virgil Abloh’s inaugural show for Louis Vuitton, this self-proclaimed “unorthodox dresser” is now a sought-after design collaborator, lending his unique style POV to both brands big and small. Nast doesn’t rely on a stylist to craft his notable personal style (“I perform my own stunts, man!”), but he does have a practice-makes-perfect philosophy to dressing: “I have days when I genuinely practice what I’m going to wear. I’ll be in the house trying outfits on for hours. Practice makes for better flexing.”