An in-depth look at our 551™ Z Authentic Straight and its new friend: the crop.

The Long and Short of It

Last season, we introduced the 551™ Z Authentic Straight, a vintage-inspired fit that takes style cues from our very first preshrunk, zip-fly jean (launched way back in ’61). Now, we’re taking it one step further—well, technically shorter—with our 551™ Z Authentic Straight Cropped. That means you now have the tough decision of picking out which one’s for you. Before you jump to any conclusions, let’s do a quick comparison, shall we?


The 551™ Z Authentic Straight has a looser anti-fit with a straight leg that allows for stacking around the ankle. The fit and style of these jeans were pulled from our archives, so you get that vintage-y look, minus the hours of thrifting.


The new Z also has that loose anti-fit and straight leg—with one small edit! This time, we’ve pulled the inseam up and cropped it at 28 inches for more play in the style department. Now, your shoes and socks can get some much-deserved attention.


Still on the fence? We asked the expert for more advice. “It’s more just an alternative length option,” says Janine Chilton-Faust, our VP of Men’s Design. “It’s just a choice of: Do you want it to stack and hang long or do you like it short and to show off the shoe?” A high-top with a crop is a really easy way to look cool and show off a bit more of your personal style.

We also asked model Myles Huff (seen here wearing our cropped Z) his thoughts when it comes to choosing denim. “If you feel great in a pair of jeans, wear them regardless of the fit or cut,” he says. “I think if you exude confidence, you’ll look amazing, no matter what.”


No matter how you slice it, our range of 551™ Zs are made with the planet in mind. Check out what else we’re doing to make our jeans more sustainable.

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