Behind the Look Levis Red Tab Sweats

Behind the Look: Levi’s® Red Tab™ Sweats

Style is always on our mind here at Levi’s®, and with the arrival of our latest Red Tab™ Sweats, we have an excellent foundation for leveling up our looks. For too long, sweats were dismissed as stay-at-home wear, meant for lounging on the sofa, going to the gym or maybe a quick run to the grocery store. Style didn’t enter the picture, because sweats were considered its antithesis.

That perception was never fair, and with Red Tab™ Sweats, we’re happy to show just how far you can push a look. We asked a pair of ace Levi’s® stylists, Michael Giordano and Sharon Maloney, to tell us more about some of the signature looks they created.


Sharon: For women, a big inspiration for me—with this look anyway—is I see a lot of other women, and myself, wearing sweats with a more refined, woven top like this, for instance. Or a blazer or something that’s a juxtaposition. The sweat is the super-comfortable aspect of outfitting back to something more tailored and structured—merging those two together.


Michael: It’s also the same thing with men’s. It’s marrying the high, like a refined trench coat or suit jacket, with the low, like your sweats. Putting the loafer with the sweats. You’re dressing all the parts, but you’re putting the sweats on it, so it is that high/low, bespoke sartorial approach.


Michael: I tried not to do a matching hookup. Mix color and just keep it simple—an easy outfit on a cool dude with a good accessory and some fun shoes and our sunglasses.


Sharon: This is a different and a new silhouette for the season, called Apartment Sweats, where it’s a wider leg with a slight flare at the bottom. It’s very oversized and boxy throughout the body of the hoodie as well. The hand on it is really beautiful—it’s really thick. The quality across all of the sweats is really nice, which I feel doesn’t necessarily come across in the picture. This image does have this idea of putting this little second skin top, which is a little bit more of like a fashion-forward thing, underneath the slouchy, comfy sweats. It’s just a different way to style it.

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