News May 2017

#LiveInLevisMY: The Raya edition

There’s no better way to show the world the real you than in Levi’s®. This Raya, see how everyday Malaysians are styling it up for the festive season in this special edition of our Street Snaps and find out what they love most about the festivities. Start sharing your own Levi’s® Raya look by tagging @LevisMY on Instagram with the hashtag #LiveinLevisMY.

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Muhd Helmi, station manager

"My favourite things about Raya are the family gatherings and fireworks. We would usually compete with the next neighbourhood for the best and loudest fireworks display."

Aryn Rashdi, PR & marketing

"The preparations during Raya night when everyone's just busy prepping the house cooking rendang, ketupat, dodol and kuah kacang. Also the moment when kids actually come to ask for duit raya. That's the best!"

Yus Izha, visual merchandiser

"Enjoying the best reward from God, bringing oneself spiritually closer. Enjoying Malaysian culture with all religions, teaching me to give more than receive, being happy, blessed and grateful."

Sher, PR professional

"My favourite thing about Raya is eating yummylicious food with your family and relatives – and dozing off in between meals!"

Syabil Alyahya, student

"My favourite things about Raya: the food, spending quality time with parents, and the long road back to kampung."

Kay, self-employed

"The best things about Raya are the family gatherings and Raya eve preparations."

Zam, visual merchandiser

"My favourite things about Raya are the excitement during preparations, the food and spending quality time with family and friends."

Farena, homemaker

"I love the feeling of togetherness and unity among the different races during such festivities."

Ezadin, marketing professional

"My favourite things about Raya are the songs, the journey back to my hometown, and the preparations before Raya."

Azni, UX practitioner

"I love the food, holidays and gatherings during Raya."

Natalie Rose Ariffin, PR & Media

"This is a very clichéd answer but definitely the food is my favourite thing about Raya!"

Azzad, comms professional

"Raya is one of the best times to see people cherish the joyful moment together without social level boundaries."

Heidey, corporate executive

"My favourite thing about Raya is the forgiving spirit!"

Naz, PR professional

"I love the festive ambience and the gatherings with family and friends – and the abundance of tart nenas!"

Fairas Imran, PR professional

"My favourite things about Raya are the holidays and family gatherings."

Miyan, musician

"My favourite thing about Raya is food, food and food... and last but not least, duit raya."