Classic Designs Remastered
Levi's® Altered Denim

At Levi’s®, we’re fans of lived-in and vintage denim; we’re even bigger
fans of customisation and deconstruction. Levi's® Altered epitomises our
approach to remastering classic designs in a range of essential finishes.

Levi's® Altered Denim

Vintage Trends with a Modern Twist

For men’s and women’s, we deconstructed and altered our most coveted fits, creating unique pieces that speak to the process of customisation – twisted seams, covered coin pockets and staggered shadow patches. All available in a range of essential finishes.

Shadow coin pocket.

Navy indigo stitching at back pocket edge. Shadow arcuate.

Centre back belt loop offset.

Shadow and staggered back patch.

Customised & Deconstructed

Altered for Men

Men’s Altered styles include new takes on the Trucker Jacket, playing on pieced, varied shades of denim and vintage Levi's® fabric. The 501® and 511™ jeans were also deconstructed, put back together, and left with raw hems.

A Bold Fashion Statement

Altered for Women

For women, we’ve crafted the Mended 711 Jean and Altered 711, 721 and 501® Skinny. Design details include twisted seams, covered coin pockets, staggered shadow patches and darts. Finishes range from washed blacks to tinted indigos.