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2017 Levi’s® CNY “New Year, My Way”

Chinese New Year is often about conforming to family customs and ideals. But the 2017 Levi’s® Chinese New Year campaign is all about putting fun back into the festivities. How can we honour tradition while staying true to ourselves? With the tagline, “New Year, My Way”, the campaign called for everyone to dress up as their authentic self and spend the holidays in their own new and exciting way.

To help channel this fun, carefree vibe, the 2017 Levi’s® Chinese New Year collection featured Trucker Jackets, jeans and Western Shirts with festive Chinese New Year-themed embellishments, as well as red graphic tees with the iconic Levi’s® Batwing in a brilliant shade of gold.


New Year, My Way

Just because we’re all different doesn’t mean we don’t want the same things. Watch how Jin Hackman, Alvin Chong, Melina William and Teddy bring a unique take on celebrating Chinese New Year their way. #LiveInLevisMY

New Year, My Way

For Him

The Lunar New Year is all about introducing a new meaning to life, while also celebrating the important traditions from our past.

New Year, My Way

For Her

For 2017, we incorporate The Year of the Rooster into our uniquely designed pieces with embroidery, patching and splashes of red and gold to ring in the Lunar New Year with a bang.

They do it their own way
Meet our friends who carry that #LiveInLevisMY spirit

They go against the grain. Chart their own course. They do things their way. Meet a few of our friends who’ve played by their own rules to get to where they are.

Jin Hackman Rapper

Melina William Musician/Composer

Alvin Chong Singer/Actor

Teddy Dancer