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Be inspired by four local designers who give their
own take on the Trucker Jacket.

Not For The Ground

Joe Chia's interpretation of the Levi's® Trucker saw him take apart the jacket and reconstruct it by combining it with the signature Joe Chia MA Flight Jacket. Inspired by concepts of liberation, exploration and discovery, Chia took the jacket to new heights with meticulous layering, dyeing and washing, as well as creating a patchwork of raw seams.

Hanging On

For this project, Cassey Gan lifted prints from her latest collection "One Door Closes..." and placed them on denim. This jacket texturises print, with fixtures like rivets and safety pins spray-painted in the spirit of the brand's colour-centric identity. The bleaching of the denim inspired by ’80s acid-wash adds a further layer of texture, aiming to evoke a nostalgic sense of youth.

The White Blanket Diary

For this collaboration, Man Chien handpainted the jacket with thick, textured rubber paint, and distressed it to mimic a classic still-life oil painting. The work resulted from a leap of faith, where she just allowed things to happen. The jacket's name, White Blanket, symbolises a token for warding off judgment so one may contemplate about the honesty of their self-expression.

People Nowadays

Moto Guo's reinterpretation of the classic Levi's® Trucker jacket plays on the jacket's toughness and durability perfected over the decades. Applying the Moto Guo spirit of subversion to "destroy" it from the inside out, the jacket is full of polyfibres signifying growths and protrusions erupting from within.


Established in 2012, the Joe Chia brand is a blend of monochrome streetwear with a distinctive urban, utilitarian bent. Today, the designer's post-modern mix of the masculine and the feminine can be found in all the coolest boutiques from London to New York, Berlin to Bucharest to Barcelona.


As a Chemical Engineering student, Cassey Gan almost didn't become a fashion designer. She made a pivot post-graduation, spending four years at the London College of Fashion to obtain her First Class Honours BA in Fashion Design and Technology. Her inventive, abstracted prints on unconventional silhouettes soon became her calling card. Today, her pieces are found locally and in Singapore.


With bona fide qualifications in both industrial design and fashion design, Man Chien's bold, uncompromising work has always been at the intersection of art and fashion. Graduating at the top of her class, the designer has staged shows in regional markets like Singapore and Shanghai, and recently picked up stockists in London and China.


Moto Guo's graduate collection in 2013 featured signature elements like technical quilting, bulbous textures and off-kilter proportions. Making the shortlist of the 2016 LVMH Prize thrusted the brand into the international spotlight, followed by shows in Milan, Shanghai and Tokyo. Kinder Eng has assisted Guo since the brand launched in 2015, and was made co-creative director in 2016.

Individually, fashion designer Man Chien, motoring specialist Ahirine Ahirudin, denim aficionado Chin Wee Yong, barber-musican McBe and Levi's Master Tailor Asraf Audi have little in common. But together, they're bound by a common love for the Trucker. Follow Streething's discovery of how the Trucker jacket plays a part in their life.


Young and adventurous, Ahirine Ahirudin is the epitome of empowerment. Doing away with the idea of sitting in the backseat, Ahirine is a trailblazer who rides fearlessly.

Inspired by her father, Datuk Ahirudin Attan's riveting stories of long-distance journeys on his big motorcycles, Ahirine grew up around the adrenaline rush of riding. Armed with her passion for motorcycles and her new Levi's® Trucker jacket, Ahirine embodies a strong young woman who defines her own journey in life and breaks stereotypes about motorcycling.

The Mass Communications major started riding four years ago, after successfully mounting a motorcycle at the age of 14. Much like her father, Ahirine looks forward to many more life-changing rides as a biker!


A self-taught tailor, Audi has been immersed in the world of Levi's® since 2010. What started out as simple customisations at the retail store eventually turned into a full-blown passion to help others express their individuality.

Audi's wisdom in customisation and respect for denim goes beyond his years. Customisation is an art; a piece of blank canvas that will turn into an art of style that is so personal to every customer. This is the fire that fuels Audi's passion as a Levi's® Master Tailor, on top of challenges posed by customers to heighten his customising skills.

A seeker of perfection, Audi takes his responsibilities as a Master Tailor seriously. Representing the denim he loves is crucial, which is why Audi likes to style his denim and Levi's® Trucker jackets with patches that showcase his personality and mood.


As a fashion designer, Man Chien gives character, emotion and life to fabric with her skill in controlling strokes and textures. Her eponymous fashion label, founded in 2014, is branded as "wearable art", and leads a lifestyle that allows brutally honest artistic expressions.

Man Chien aims to bring people together to explore social welfare, world issues and mind enlightenment through art - much like her recent work which incorporated a Levi's® Trucker Jacket.

Man Chien draws inspiration from paintings, life stories, self-reflections and other unconventional ideas. Each piece of garment created captures that sparkling human touch. Her artisanal hand crafted technique combined with romantic sentiments and chic designs make Man Chien a unique yet refreshing label.


Born and raised in Borneo, Brian Joseph Pan - aka Brian McBe - has been singing and playing guitar from the age of six. With inspiration from diverse musical genres, McBe's versatility is makes him a celebrated figure in the acoustic scene.

McBe also runs an artisan barbershop called '52 Barbers'. Located in Bangsar, the barbershop is a great representation of McBe's love for all things vintage. Whether it's singing or working on a classic haircut, all are art forms to tell a soulful story, including his very own Levi's® Trucker Jacket.

McBe has performed in numerous festivals and events around the region. He was invited to perform for the Royal family of Brunei, featuring Ning Baizura in 2014, and was invited to play for the Western Acoustic showcase event in Tokyo, Japan in 2016.


Wee Yong, the "King of Denim", is an interior designer from Ipoh who started collecting denim while studying in Singapore. It was love at first sight when he got his first pair of jeans from a flea market.

His first vintage Levi's® Trucker was brought from a thrift shop in Indonesia. The owner was reluctant to sell it, but relented. That Trucker is still in mint condition and remains his favourite, despite having more than 40 pieces, with some collected from bundle shops around the world.

His obsession with denim stems from its characteristics, like materials, cutting, hues, fading and other details. Each piece of denim tells the stories attached to its previous owners. Each has its own legacy preserved that no one can alter.