Nusantara rockers Pitahati will be headlining Levi's® presents Classics Remastered. They're on the famed Luncai Emas label, and since 2011, have placed themselves on the path to revolutionising Malaysian rock music with lush sounds that remaster the sounds of psychedelia. No stranger to innovation, the band is inspired by three distinct styles of guitar playing that offer different sonic tones, as well as bass effects and Malay literature.

Ramayan is a band that's inspired by the past. Currently on the Luncai Emas label, the band's music sees it remastering the best sounds from the 50s - 70s as well as Malay literature. The band is set on developing a Malaysian identity for a music scene that's been heavily westernised. Their approach of combining rock, blues, psychedelia and traditional Malay music is a mix that you won't want to miss.

Couple is a power pop band formed in 1995, and have since recorded and released five demo tapes and three studio albums. Despite receiving almost no radio airplay in Malaysia, Couple has, against all odds, become quite the sensation - or the quiet sensation! Kids of all ages pack out their gigs across Malaysia and passionately sing along, word for word, to every single song they play. Couple will be rocking steady for a long time more.

When it comes to Golden Mammoth, you're going to get a rock stampede. The band first emerged from The Wknd's Recording Fund, where it was voted to third place. Giggers around the Klang Valley may have beared witness to the band's throwback prog-rock and psychedelic sounds. The band is planning to reproduce its Metaphoric Quadraphonice album, on top of working on a new album to be released soon.



The rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the Orange Tab was in full force when four of Malaysia's leading rock acts took to the stage at The Bee, Publika for Levi's® presents Classics Remastered on 15 April 2017. Held in celebration of our newly remastered Orange Tab collection, hundreds of denimheads and music fans gathered at KL's premier gig venue to catch Pitahati, Couple, Ramayan and Golden Mammoth in action for a rocking Saturday night.

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