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/ Levi's® Cool JEANS - Look Cool, Keep Cool

This summer, the Levi's® Brand is launching COOL JEANS, an innovative denim collection specifically crafted to combat sweltering hot weather. 

The collection features advanced technologies that limit irritability while optimizing comfort, creating the most functional denim collection. Wearing jeans should be an enjoyable experience, and with Levi's® COOL JEANS you can be stylish and comfortable, even on a humid day. 


The Levi's® COOL JEANS collection integrates the most sophisticated technologies featuring two offerings: 


TransDRY™, a high tech military fabric, provides the most advanced humidity-control for long-lasting durability and effortless comfort. This post-treatment fabric pulls away moisture, keeping the body dry and refreshed. Incorporating twelve ounces of denim, these jeans offer clean lines and rugged style. Featuring classic color-wash and heavy drapes, the TransDRY™ COOL JEANS offer style and functionality that keeps you dry throughout the day - perfect for a hot summer day.  


COOLMAX®, designed with cool fibers that create a cooling effect, helps adjust the body's temperature to maintain temperature balance and comfort amidst the summer heat. This fabric enables proper body ventilation and ensures flexible motion at all times, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. 


In addition to function, the Levi's® COOL JEANS are also designed for easy mix-and-match. TransDRY™ and COOLMAX® are offered in the 504 REGULAR STRAIGHT and 511 SLIM TAPERED with clean cuts.  Paired with a simple top for an effortless, slim fit look, Levi's COOL JEANS are the must-have jean for summer enabling you to look and feel good. 


In addition to the COOL JEANS collection, the Levi's® brand has also introduced a Light Weight Denim collection featuring 2 types of light weight fabric: 7.5oz and 9.5oz, in 3 silhouettes: 504 & 505 REGULAR STRAIGHT and 511 SLIM TAPERED. The Light Weight Denim collection is 20% - 35% lighter/thinner than normal denim fabric and it is perfect for the tropical weather in Malaysia. By the end of summer these COOL & light weight collections will change denim perceptions, proving that denim can be a practical solution for combating the heat in comfort, without sacrificing style.



COOLS JEANS collection is now available in Levi's® Stores nationwide with the price ranging from RM259 to RM299. For more information, follow Levi's on Facebook (facebook.com/levis) and Twitter (twitter.com/levisMY). 


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