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/ Levi's® Roadwear Campaign

The Levi's® Roadwear Spring 2011 collection captures the undeterred and pioneering spirit behind the Levi's® brand, emphasizing fashion-forward designs while still maintaining the supreme tailoring and durability that our jeans are known for. Some of the key looks from the collection feature Americana-inspired denim on denim; highlights of red, white, and blue; and worn-in finishes.    

Spearheading the campaign is the Levi's® promotional ad, shot in LA by Sydney-based photographer Ben Sullivan. It shows models as a band on a first-time road trip across the country to get to a much-anticipated gig. The band's experiences are shot spontaneously and supported by taglines that articulate their boundary-pushing spirit, adventurous vigour and tacit optimism-the embodiment of the brand and its pioneering energy.   

Behind each piece of well-worn, lived-in denim is a story of the relationship the jeans has with its wearer. Every fray, rip and tear tells the story of that bond, each capturing a milestone in a journey taken.    

Further manifesting the intrepid spirit of the Levi's® Roadwear campaign is the "I..." Statement project. Led by three standout Malaysian personalities in the categories of Music, Art and Photography, these trailblazers were handpicked by the Levi's® Brand for their dynamic individuality, exceptional talent and inimitable style.   

Comprising urban pop singer Mizz Nina, broadcasting veteran and designer Nini Ramlan, and fashion photographer Vincent Paul Yong, this trifecta of creatives are not only masters in their own fields but their endless drive and optimism, and can-do approach to everything they do have taken them beyond their comfort zones to succeed in a variety of other endeavours.    

As part of the Levi's® Roadwear campaign, the Levi's® Brand will be giving away prizes fortnightly between 7 February to 31 March to the best "I..." Statements that are shared on the blackboards available at our Levi's® Boutiques

Click here for more info on the contest or visit the Levi's® Roadwear site at www.levisroadwear.com/my   

The Levi's® Roadwear collection is now available in all Levi's® Boutiques.

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